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moi dinou celibt je cherche fille pour relation serieuse c mon skype teen31lovers ok bsx by
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mybaby2012 - 06/08/2012 pm31 17:07

i Dear,
I was so impressed to come across your profile today which drag my
interest to have relationship with you. I am Miss joyce,a good looking girl. I will like you to contact me through my private email address on(joyce_mujuru@yahoo.com) for further procedures on our relationship so that we may know more about ourselves and build a mutual trust on each other. Hope to receive a mail indicating your acceptance of being my friend,i believe that Age, race, language and distance mean nothing in a good relationship.Hoping to hear from you so that i can send u my lovely
Miss joyce.
julietbaby - 03/02/2012 pm29 12:46

I am miss Juliet
by name. i will like us to be
friends if you don't mind please
contact me with my private e-mail
address (juliet09baby@yahoo.co.uk) < br />so that i will send my pics to you
Miss Juliet....